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Traumatic Brain/Spinal Cord Injury Waiver Services

To consistently provide high quality, effective services and support programs to individuals with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.  
At Aponte & Klein Inc. Our ultimate goal is to design and implement programs which will produce functional skills, re-integration into the community and increased quality of life for the client and all caregivers involved. We envision our clients being as independent and functional as possible in the most positive and rewarding environment. 
At Aponte & Klein we understand that those affected by a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord have suffered a life-altering event and engage in challenging behaviors that may interfere with daily functioning and the ability to remain in the community. In addition, clients may lack certain skills that are needed to ensure health and well-being.   Our programs serve as a support system and our approach is based on behavior analytic principles which are evidenced based.  Through our behavioral programming based on behavior analytic principles and which include client preferences and positive consequences, we then can help clients acquire/regain social skills, personal care skills, life skills and safety skills in addition to providing companion services as needed.

Behavior Programming
Behavioral programming is recipient-designed strategies to decrease a recipient’s maladaptive behaviors that interfere with his ability to remain in the community. It is provided to assist a person to learn new behavior, to increase existing acceptable behavior, to reduce existing maladaptive behavior, and to emit behavior under precise environmental conditions. Behavioral programming services include a complete assessment of the maladaptive behavior(s) and development of a structured behavioral intervention plan. 

Behavioral programming does not rely on cognitive therapies and expressly excludes psychological testing, neuropsychology, sex therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and long-term counseling as treatment modalities. 

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